Filter QueueItems on Specific Content via API

Hi guys,

I want to get QueueItems via the Orchestrator API based on the items Specific Content.

For instance: All QueueItems with that has Specific Content Key1=value1.


I am quite familiar with using API’s, and so naturally I would assume that the following request would achieve so:

/odata/QueueItems?$filter=SpecificContent/Key1 eq ‘value1’

but this yields the the following error:

Statuscode: 400

{“message”:“Invalid OData query options.”,“errorCode”:1000,“traceId”:“00-96937a5a3a31e74e97ccda433463bca0-25a010dfd23735ba-00”}

I found this “solution” - [Filter api orchastratot - #6](https://Filter api orchestrator) - but I don’t think this is good enough. Using contains in a filter like this could potentially return the wrong ID.



Queue item fields are not exposed this way …you need to use it like this with contains



Hope this helps


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Hi Anil,

First of all, thanks for your answer!

But your solution is not a solution. Let’s say that I have a “Key1: value14”. This Item will also be filtered in.

This is not a secure solution at all.

But again thanks for your answer. I will conclude that I can’t solve my problem.

I actually mention the solution you suggest (see the link in the bottom).

Again, thanks for your answer, but this is really not a good solution.


Key1 value14 will not be given as output…because if you see I have included double quotes so only till value1 is considers please try and then you can let me know\

it would search exactly for Key1 and value1

These are the only filters that are exposed


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Ahhh, I see!


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