HTTP Post Call Output Error

I have a Http Post request which returns a XML as output, UiPath seems unable to store the XML result in the specified variable. It throws some error and i can not get past it. Could Someone please help me with this @badita

i have attached the sample http request. .Main.xaml (10.4 KB)

Message: Job Desktop stopped due to unexpected process termination!

Exception Type: Exception

This only seems to happen in Debug

Could you update your Studio/Web.Activities? The attached WF works just fine for me.
You could write the result in a text file with Write text file activity.


Hi Cosmin,

I have the latest web actives 1.1.6239.30971. And yes i can write it to a text file,

however when i try to read this text file it will also throw and error.

Did you try run in debug? that is when the problem shows up. not when you just press run.

so even if i write it to a text file, when i want to load the text file contents to a variable the same error is happening.

Basically i need to use the response either from this text File or the output of the http and Deserialize the XML, however i cant even get the contents into a string variable in UIpath, the only thing i can do is save it to a text file, not able to use it after that.

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Indeed in Debug i am getting the error (i will raise an issue with this so dev investigate), but if i just run the WF i could go further, and use the output in Deserialize XML activity. I don’t know what you need to do further, but i managed to work with the deserialized object (indeed just in execution mode and not in debug)
Main.xaml (11.1 KB)

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Please help me with the error

Main has thrown an exception

Message: Cannot create unknown type ‘{}ReadPDFText’.

Source: System.Xaml

Exception Type: XamlObjectWriterException

System.Xaml.XamlObjectWriterException: Cannot create unknown type ‘{}ReadPDFText’.
at System.Xaml.XamlObjectWriter.WriteStartObject(XamlType xamlType)
at System.Xaml.XamlWriter.WriteNode(XamlReader reader)
at System.Xaml.XamlServices.Transform(XamlReader xamlReader, XamlWriter xamlWriter, Boolean closeWriter)
at System.Activities.XamlIntegration.FuncFactory1.Evaluate() at System.Activities.DynamicActivity.OnInternalCacheMetadata(Boolean createEmptyBindings) at System.Activities.Activity.InternalCacheMetadata(Boolean createEmptyBindings, IList1& validationErrors)
at System.Activities.ActivityUtilities.ProcessActivity(ChildActivity childActivity, ChildActivity& nextActivity, Stack1& activitiesRemaining, ActivityCallStack parentChain, IList1& validationErrors, ProcessActivityTreeOptions options, ProcessActivityCallback callback)
at System.Activities.ActivityUtilities.ProcessActivityTreeCore(ChildActivity currentActivity, ActivityCallStack parentChain, ProcessActivityTreeOptions options, ProcessActivityCallback callback, IList1& validationErrors) at System.Activities.ActivityUtilities.CacheRootMetadata(Activity activity, LocationReferenceEnvironment hostEnvironment, ProcessActivityTreeOptions options, ProcessActivityCallback callback, IList1& validationErrors)
at System.Activities.Hosting.WorkflowInstance.ValidateWorkflow(WorkflowInstanceExtensionManager extensionManager)
at System.Activities.Hosting.WorkflowInstance.RegisterExtensionManager(WorkflowInstanceExtensionManager extensionManager)
at System.Activities.WorkflowApplication.EnsureInitialized()
at System.Activities.WorkflowApplication.Enqueue(InstanceOperation operation, Boolean push)
at System.Activities.WorkflowApplication.SimpleOperationAsyncResult.Run(TimeSpan timeout)
at System.Activities.WorkflowApplication.BeginRun(AsyncCallback callback, Object state)
at UiPath.Executor.RobotRunner.<>c__DisplayClass49_0.b__0()

you can do that!