No Results in output panel - Issue

I doing Api Call from Current weather data - OpenWeatherMap
and no result is showing on the output panel when using writeline activity


Welcome to UI path community , can you please give your entire HTTP request URL and is this POST or GET request ?

If you could upload your xaml file here, it will be easier to troubleshoot the issue. :slight_smile:

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I am not allowed to upload the XAML file (it’s showing me a message here) because I’m new user

I am following this lesson step by step


Attached is the working fine xaml file, In the writeLine activity you would need to have the output (jsonObject) of DeserializeJson response.

I am seeing you have the exact same values in both Deserialize Json as well as WriteLine

Please see in below screen shot as to what I am exactly referring to

Expected response as seen below

OpenWeatherMap.xaml (5.8 KB)

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It Worked :+1:
thanks a lot you are brilliant

I do have question though and forgive me for that

in the youtube video that I uploaded he did what you told me not to do ( the exact same values in both the input Deserialize Json as well as WriteLine)
and it worked for him …why?

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It worked for a few times OK and fine … so I tried to play around with variables to learn and explore then I went back to the correct setup of the xaml solution (yours)
and it gave me an error message … it seems that sometimes the studio jam with the previous values …what do you think ?

Request to please follow the video by my brother @AndersJensen and also request you to subscribe to his channel.

He is the one who helped me to excel the skills of APIs and also UiPath :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Main.xaml (6.1 KB)
here is my XAML file …appreciate your effort man!

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