HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal server Error - Troubleshoot steps

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal server Error


HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal server Error

Troubleshooting steps


Solution 1:
If the ASP.NET section is missing in IIS, it would conclude you have not applied the server roles & features yet.

Check all the pre-requisites especially the server roles & features, check the server & roles only which is mentioned in the below link, don’t select everything (Important)

Solution 2:
Could you please check that URL rewrite is downloaded and installed properly .
The same can be verified by going to inetmgr as shown in the screenshot below.

IIS -> Server -> URL Rewrite

If it does not exists, I would request you to please download and install it from the link below.

Solution 3:
Please verify if the StartMode of the application pool is “Always running” and also the service account under which it’s running.



is this guide still up to date?

I’m facing a similar issue, altough it’s an http 500.30 Error.

Funnily enough, the ASP.Net section is missing in IIS (but only on the UiPath Orchestrator Site) but I’ve run the script for roles&features (before and after installation) and verified the settings manually.

URL rewrite is installed as well and the application pool settings are fine, too.

Unfortunately there’s no info to be found for my error.

Do you have any tips (apart from reinstalling everything, because I already did that)?

I’m using v2020.10.1 (10.3 doesn’t even install)