Convertion Excel (xlsx) file to HTML

Hi guys,
I am currently working on a project and I need to convert an excel file into html file .I can currently do that with “Create HTML Content” command. however when I do that. I am finding this situation:
My data is like=

but when i try crate html content activity. the result is like=

I am trying to get for example “E9:J14” in from the excel sheet. What I mean by that not completely. I am adding xlsx and xaml docs with it. Please help me I am stuck…

html converter has this. dt is the datatable of the read range.

since I cant add documents. I upload ss of it.

I want to get the data with its format- coloured and font. Any suggestion will be really helpful.

Data.txt (300 Bytes)
Table.xaml (13.0 KB)

Please try it.

I tried but its not helpful :frowning:

Hello @Devilinthebox

As per my understanding, you cannot fetch the datatable with colors and add that to the html content.

Instead what you can do is extract the datatable->Use create HTMl content activity and then format the html tags to add the colors and fonts. You can either call powershell or can be done with create html content activtiy itself.


Hello @Devilinthebox ,

One solution would be to build your own Html and pass it to the outlook, like this:

Please check this to understand the html tags needed for the creation of a table, like <tr> or <td>

The output would look like:

Hope it helps!
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Hello, @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,
The font and coloring is changing throguh the document.Also document is nearly has 600 rows. So manuelly adding to a datatable or changing one is not option for me. Nevertheless thank you.


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