HTML table Data Extraction from web page

Hi Ui Path,
How can I extract a value from a html table in a webpage and save it as a variable. I don’t want to export this value to excel sheet.
For Eg:

  • A webpage has three different html tables.
  • From one of those tables I need to find a value in column A and find the corresponding value in column B.
    Note: Value in column A will not change.

It can be done using lookup datatable activity if you dont want to write it.

@Christin_John - try below

  • get the html data to datatable using data scraping activity
  • do the datatable filter with or linq query to get required values…

pls share a sample data along with expected results here - so that we can help you on that prospective. cheers!

sample data for your reference.

Column A Column B
Brand Jeep
Model Wrangler
Color Yellow

In this above table I want to retrieve the value “wrangler”
Model keep on changing as webpage refreshes.

Hope you can understand. I am unable to share the exact data as its confidential.