How can i use extract table data on web data?

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I still haven’t found a clear answer to this question. I make an automatic search with my web search automation, but the search result may come up more than once, I want it to directly extract the data I am looking for.

How do I match the data in the search box with the data in the results, please help?
I want to fetch the price of the matching data search results are not stable

With the help of Get attribute activity, get the common attribute like aaname or position.

Based on that we can able to extract the data from web page, try this it will help you

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Can you show it visually?

Using get attribute activity indicate the particular element on the web page, So that you will get the position.

We need to store that position into variable & use the same, it will work

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Is this website accessible to us?
If so, I could try experimenting and try to come up with a resolution.

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I can’t understand anything unless I see it visually

See I will give one example, Using get attribute you can get the any constant attribute based on this application you can check all the attributes which is constant identify then save it in to variable.

Then while extracting data in place of the particular attribute use the variable which you stored position number.

If possible you can share the url, I will give you the solution for that.


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can you connect with anydesk please ?

Hi @A_Zyzz_Man

You can try with Data Scrapping the 2column and store in the DT.

Use Filter Data Table and Filter the column Based on the Input Excel value.

Write the Price value in the excel


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