Html response for http request

Hello Everyone
I need your help urgently
I need to send an API
I’m using Http request activity. The method is “POST”
The response that i’m using is an html format like the image below.
I’ve tried putting the body in an txt file, tried to pass the variables in parameters and all i’m gettng is this HTML
Can anyone help me please

Hi @dhouha.cherif

What is your expected output?

Can you share the screen shot or sample output


the output should be this json
It is working on postman
But for uipath and chrome Html response appears with “404 error”

Can you share the screen shot of your post method ?

Do you mean the body?

yes @dhouha.cherif

The Body should be like this in a VB language:

"{""code"": 804, ""message"": ""Docmeunt signe"", ""signature_restant"": 999918, "pdfversion"":""1.3"""}"

That is the response that i should get

Provide the project language and the Body that you have set in the HTTP Request activity.

I’ve send you a message can you please check it ?

I didn’t receive it.