Http Request question

Hello everyone
Can anyone Help me
I’m using POST as request method.
I have this endpoint (example) : https://server-ip/Api_yyy/v1/getxxx/
this is the body (example) :
“key_api” :“example@example”,
“code_client” :“tttttt”,
“msisdn” :“ssssss”,
“nom_signataire” :“xxxxx”,
“nom_ctr”:“Inscription a Tik Tak Cvvvvv”,


And lets suppose that this is the authorities : aaaaa

can anyone tell me exactly how can i use the http request in uipath to send the API knowing that “code_client” and “nom_signataire” are variables (relative to the item)

Hi @dhouha.cherif

Have a look on the video and docs


You can Assign code_client” and “nom_signataire” variables and then assign a new variable for BodyRequest.

You can store the BodyRequest into a Text file then read it and store its output to a new variable.

In the end, use the new variable as your Body.

Let us know if this helped.