How to send a POST request with BodyFormat: application/x-www-form-urlencoded in HTTP Request activity?


I am trying to send some parameters to body using “x www form-urlencoded” in http request. I’m unable to understand how to pass the parameters?


Can any one please help me. I’m successfully getting response using Postman, but while using http request in UiPath, I tried passing it as a JSON in the body and it times out.


The format of strBody is as below


I have replaced the variables with correct value. Still getting timed out.

I’m new to http request, can anyone please explain me in details where I’m doing the mistake?

Thanks and Regards,


Body: empty
BodyFormat: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Header: empty


Let us know if this example helped you.

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Hi @marian.platonov

Thanks for your quick reply. It resolved the issue and the call is successful.

May I bother you more please?

In Postman, after the call I get the values inside cookies which I need to proceed with other successive calls. It looks like below

How do I get these values from UiPath Http request? The result doesn’t hold this values!!

Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Try to search in other thread posts to see if someone else had already this requirement. If you cannot find it, raise a separate thread post.

Thanks for understanding.

Thanks @marian.platonov . I searched across the forum and had found Get cookies from httpRequest response which is incomplete, but anyways I’ll create a separate post for this. Thanks again for your support.

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