HR3 UI element selectors not working

I am trying to automate some tasks within our payroll software (HR3) and having some issues with selectors. I need to use the Get Visible Text activity to read existing data from a field, but the selector can’t see any unique identifier for the fields.

I was going to attempt to use a relative anchor to find the correct field, but UiPath can’t see the label text (I.e. Birth Date, Hired Date, etc) to be able to find a position on the screen.

Any ideas as I am at my whits end on this one?

HR3 Fields:

Selector with date (how UiPath detects the selector):

Selector with wildcard instead of date:

Did you try handling Uiexplorer?
Uiexplorer provides more detailed work.
And then you can handle about idx etc. I think.

I have looked at the UI Explorer and the visual tree shows basically the same structure for both the date fields. The property explorer when selecting each of the date fields also looks identical except the “text” shows the date inside of the field currently and a HWND property.



Ok, so done a little more playing around with UI Explorer and the selectors.

If I use the indicate element, I get this:

If I change the selector aaname from the date to a wildcard, I get this:

If I use the indicate element and unselect the aaname completely, I get this:

I noticed in the last scenario, it adds idx=‘2’ to one of the selector items which seems to keep the correct field highlighted.

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