Howto get all assets using studio

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I would like to receive a list of assets (from a specific folder) stored in orchestrator, to build up a dynamic dictionary(Of String, Object)(assetname, assetvalue). Do you know a way to get a list of assets - not by name.
I could use the orchestrator api but this need a authentication. I would like to use the rights of the performing robot.

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Are you using RE Framework for this process?

RE Framework readily takes care of loading assets from the Orchestrator.

Hey @codenameCata

Thats true, but only by name.

I don’t think that feature is available in UiPath and it is that way by design. One shouldn’t be able to access all assets without knowing their names.
Since different users may have access to only the processes they are authorised to view, you can see how automatically getting all assets without knowing their names can be a security issue.

I couldn’t find any document or forum post supporting this reasoning, I hope this helps.

You can easily access all assets by using the orchestrator rest api. It is safe because you can only access items you have the rights to. {{url}}/odata/Assets. Using this way is more complex, especially because Studio/Robot is already known and authenticated.

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Then I stand corrected. (and learned something!)

Sorry though, I don’t know an easy way to do that from Studio.