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Hi. Whether there is any way to get all the assets from a single folder from orchestrator using sequence.

Hi @Kishore_Kannaa

If you are working with classical folders (default) it won’t work unless you use a robot defined in that specific folder

Know more about the Asset Check with the Link:


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if you wants to use the assets in your process please follow below steps.

1.I hope you’ve already created the assets in orchestrator
2.Just navigate to the folder where you wants to create the assets->Create new asssets->Type (Credential)-> Give your assetName (Ex:- FBLogIn)->Inside the UserName type your FBUserName and Inside the password field enter FBPassword ->Save
3.Now you may see the inside the asset FBLogIn. just Select that and copy the FBLogIn.
4.Inside the config(Settings)->Name(Asset)->Value(FBLogIn)

as per your requirement where you wants to use the UserName and Password just call the Asset. That’s it

Hope this will helps for you


Hi @Kishore_Kannaa,

There is a component in the market place is available with the name Orchestrator Manager
Url:- Orchestrator Manager - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace.
A tool to help Orchestrator administrators to perform bulk operations on entities like Assets, Environments, Machines, Processes, Users, Robots, Organization Units, Folders, Queues and Packages.

Sanjit Pal


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