Installation UiRobot without installing UiPath Studio .exe file


I want to install a robot.exe file without installing UiPathsetup.exe file.
Is it possible??
If yes then,
1)Where to download UiRobot.Exe file??
2)How to setup UiRobot.exe file license ??

Anyone help me out for the same ASAP.


@sams - After running installer -> click advance option -> here you should be able to select the required component. To activate robot please refer following guide

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Thank you for replying @Akash_N_Jain,

Actually I want to install Robot only on My Machine, Not install UiPath studio.
So, Please suggest me to download source of UiRobot.exe??



Refer the below link

While installing UIpath suite, you can disable studio as the option is enabled by default and install only UIpath robot.


Thanks @anil5, It works.:+1:

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