How verify Exceution works?

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  1. Can anyone explain me How Verify Execution works ?
  2. Does it works in unattended mode or it is only for debug mode ?
  3. Is it necessary to check Retry button in verify execution option from properties panel ?

Hi @prabin_chand1

Verify Execution feature allows you to test your automation workflows before running them. This feature enables you to check the validity of your automation without actually running it, and it helps you identify any potential errors or issues that may occur during the execution process.

This works in both attended and unattended modes. In attended mode, it allows you to check the workflow’s correctness, and it gives you an opportunity to correct any errors before running the automation. In unattended mode, this feature is typically used by developers to test their automation workflows before deployment.

The Retry button is used to retry the verification process when an error is detected. You can choose to enable this option if you want to retry the verification process automatically when an error occurs. If you do not check the Retry button, the verification process will stop after the first error, and you will need to manually fix the issue before running the workflow.

Please refer to the following thread for more info on this:

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is it for only debug mode? or i can use it in production too ?

For example: I used verify execution in total 4 click activity and publish it for production.
Does verify execution will also work in production ?


Verify execution once configured can be used in any mode…basically it is to verify if the corresponding action that is performed is successful or not…

And will retry the specified numbwr of times if verification fails…

And yes even in prod /unattended it would still work



Verify Execution is primarily intended for use during the development phase of a project, where it can be used to debug and test the workflows before you deploy them to production. Once you have tested it thoroughly and are confident that it is working correctly, you should publish it to the production environment for execution. In the production environment, it is not typically used since you won’t test the automation workflows at this point.

So, if you have used it during the development phase, it will not have any effect on the production environment. The workflow will execute as intended without any need for further testing or verification.

As you mentioned, the four click activities you tested using verify exe will work as intended in the production environment without requiring any further testing. It is important to note that you should thoroughly test your workflows before publishing them to production to ensure that they work correctly and do not cause any unintended consequences or errors.

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But there is no option so that i can specify number of retry.

There is only Boolean option for Retry


My bad …it is retried till the timeout is reached continuous …and not for the number of times


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