Understanding Verify Execution

From the document:

Verify execution - At runtime, verifies if the action performed by the activity was correct. This is done either by verifying if the text specified in the Verify execution.Expected text property is found in the indicated UI element after the activity is executed, or by indicating an element that should appear or disappear after the action is performed, which is monitored and verified after the activity is executed.

But in the Quiz from the UI Automation with the modern experience, the Question is:

Which of the following options does Verify execution feature support to verify a UI element?

  1. Checks whether the element appears
  2. Check whether the element disappears
  3. Text Changed
  4. Visually Changed
  5. Image exists

From the above document it seems number 1,2, and 3 are correct answer. From the verify element property in Studio it seems number 1,2,3 and 4 are correct, but the correct answer of this Quiz is number 1 only.

Can someone explain this to me why only number 1 is correct?

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Do you have that question snap?

Okay looks like they are questioning specifically for an UiElement!

The question shows UI element not UIElement class.
I’ve found several mismatches in this new course. Someone should verify the information in this course.

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