How to write string in excel file

Hi All,

I have textfile as input and i am taking required data i want to write in excel columns please some one help meDXE_EAST553920200217_060938.txt (4.6 KB) Main.xaml (7.5 KB)


  1. First create one DataTable using Build DataTable activity with required fields.

  2. And then use Add Data Row activity to add values to the DataTable. And then use Write Range activity and pass that DataTable to write into Excel file.

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@thima Are you able to extract the required fields?

Yes some part of the fields i can able to extract with above code but below high lighted data still not able to extract.It will be great if you provide me some solution

@thima Is this Data Extracted from PDF?

No This is note padDXE_EAST553920200217_060938.txt (4.6 KB)