Textfile to Excel


I have text like this in textfile.txt… so i want to bind it in excel like this…


Like this i have huge list… i want to bind it in excel… headings are same what is there in the excel…
column headings, COLOR, FRUIT, VEHICLE… below that data will change i have the whole list in notpad…


Try liek this split with new line and then you will get array of strings then find the index of 1st header (color) and then find the index of the second header (Fruit) then from 1st index to second header index are the values so prepare one data table and then insert into that data table and then write into excel using write range.

this i created manually… to understanding…
thanks for the response…like this i want to bind text from notpad… i am not getting what you have replied…
can you please explain in detail… i am new to ui path…


Hi @suresh_kumar4

You can do one thing

1.read text file
2.split the values like (“”.ToCharArray)
3.for each item

Print the items
And use build datatable
And then use add data row
Use write range in the last


Thanks Ashwin!

Main.xaml (13.3 KB)

above is my .xaml file… can you please have a look and correct me if i missed the steps.