How to save data into excel file which got from Data Scraping


From above image i want to scrape compnay name, number and reviews. And store that information into in one excel file. Please help me fast its urgent.


@swapnali1 after scrapping u will get output as datatable. using write range activity you write to excel with extracted datatable as input


@Manjuts90 thanks for reply. will you please tell me how to do this in my file, my file is as follows
Main.xaml (9.2 KB)


@Manjuts90 did you seen my file.


@swapnali1 i checked your file, i am unable find the fault in your code.


Will you send me any other solution if you have.


@swapnali1 same from me aso


@swapnali1 if i found any solution i will post it here.


Hey @swapnali1

You workflow looks fine to me.What issue are you facing? is it some error? or is the file turning of to be blank?


Hi @Rishabh_Lakhera there is no error. But genrating excel file is blank(empty). Will you please help me for solving this issue.


thank you.


No one have solution for this problem.