How to write excel column value as Integer?

Hi Everyone,

I’m scraping data from a website and I have to enter those value in a excel sheet. When I use write range all the columns are in general format but I want a particular column values to be wriiten in Integer format.

Please help.

The data table cannot be changed column types, so you would need to add a new column of integer type, and then copy the values from the text column to the new one like this:

  1. Use add data column activity to add the new column of integer type
  2. For Each Row
    2.1 Assign row(“NewColumn”)=Cint(row(“OldColumn”))
  3. Use remove data column activity to delete the old column
  4. Write Range to excel
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Hi @kishore.shetty,

To change cell format that you can use this activity below attached.

Here is the video.



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