How do I write integer value to Excel

I used Write Cell activity but it doesn’t support integer type. So I used ToString but in Excel error occurred. Please help me.


Hi @hcmgl_ei

Have a look on the thread


Instead of writing cell activity, Use build data table activity by creating the Column with integer and use add data row to add your values. At end, can write into data table.

First of all I don’t want to create a table. I want to add values ​​one by one. It will only add one value every time I run the program. Write Cell activity is perfect for me but It doesn’t support integer.

Try this one, it may be helps you

Sample.xaml (12.4 KB)

use Write range instead of Write cell

  1. Build dT
  2. Add data row
  3. Write range , range is your cell value like “A10:A10”
  4. Clear data table
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