How to write condition?


in this screen i have so many drop downs. so i need to select different drop down option every time. when i use find children activity it just show me only four options and i used select item activity it is not working. so can anyone tell me which activity is working

thanks in advance.

Please use click activity and pass the dropdown value as dynamic.

Karthik Byggari


if i have 25 drop downs the click activity is working fine or not.

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it’s still working fine.

how to pass the drop down value as dynamic? can you please give me any workflow example.

you can store value as dynamic by a variable and then you can pass it into the “selector”.
assign :
newVariable = "expected item you want choose"
<webcltr aaname='e-tools' class='drop-down' parentclass='menu' />
instead “e-tools” by “newVariable”:
<webcltr aaname='"+newVariable.ToString+"' class='drop-down' parentclass='menu' />

i have retrieve data from excel and put it into web application,in excel trace type is appointment like this way i have different trace types. so the trace type is appointment i need to click one option in that drop down every time the trace type is changed. so how to read all drop down options how will i select different drop downs every time.

Hi @manogna, i think you can indicate any item of drop-down instead for Find children activity.
And then, you can pass dynamic value into the selector of item of drop-down.


in find children activity i have indicated these drop down options screen.

could you indicate same my screen ?

trace type dropdown options

appointment appointment cell
business cold call
rate sales
price blitz voice

so i wrote if condition when trace type is appointment i need to click appointment cell if trace type is rate click sales.can you tell me the dynamic selector as variable is working fine for this condition.

Sorry but i can not understand clearly your problems, so can you give the condition or criteria to choose “an item of the drop-down” and the selector of any item of the drop - down?

if the dropdown have 10 values in it, i want to select some 8th or 9th some thing like to select?

Please refer this video of this link, it may help you solve your problem: