How to work with Javascript modals (pop ups)?

UIPath doesn’t detect/select JavaScript Modals, which are a type of pop up. The selector dialogs don’t catch on to the modal when you try to indicate the element on screen. People have been complaining about this for years, and I don’t see any solutions or activities to address this issue. Nor was this covered in the training classes that I can remember. If they are, I’ll gladly go back and re-watch the videos and do it that way.

What is the recommended/official way to work with these kinds of popups?

For this assignment, I just need to determine if it exists and then click the OK button, but ideally there should be a way to read the text and interact with the forms. Too many websites have almost all of their content inside modals like this. Which is really annoying, bad design, etc, but still gets done anyways.



Try “Image exists” or else try to see if it can pick up the “OK” selector, then send hotkey “enter”

It might be an issue with the Firefox UiPath plugin. I had no problems with this using IE 11.