Interacting with modal dialog - Assignment Calculate Client Security Hash


I am facing issue in typing and selecting / working with modal dialog to update the hash value and status. Could you please guide me here?

Reference videos / some insights?

Theertha K S

Hi Theertha,

What kind of issues are you facing? I assume it is selectors, I would suggest you to use the UiExplorer to get the full selector for elements and use them, instead of using Indicate on Screen.

Dear Sir,

Even though used full selector, the modal dialog controls are not getting identified. attached image for reference.

Hi @theerthaks

Don’t use full selector make selector property as empty and try type into
and to navigate to status use send hot key as tab
Check it Please

Ashwin S

@theerthaks: Indeed, I haven’t tried working on the ACME system using Chrome. I used IE11 to complete my assignments. You might get some ideas, from the following posts:

Dear Friends,

The javascript pop-ups data can be retrieved. But my issue is as shown in the attached image. the automation is failing to recognize the child browser window. Please help!!


You can also change the settings of UiExplorer, maybe it will be able to identify. You can try set it to Active Accessibility or UI Automation.

I can suggest, if there are no other ways to identify the element (selector, Hotkey) to use image identification and click relative after identifying a specific text.


Hey @theerthaks, So the issue here seems to be with the way the selectors are being identified automatically for this popup in chrome. Basically i was able to perform the update in that chrome popup window when i updated the selector to something like this.

<html app='chrome.exe' htmlwindowname='WI-Update' url='*' />

Let me know if it works for you.

Rammohan B.

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Hi Ram,

nothing is working for me :frowning: . Frustrated a lot since it is difficult to fix this issue. Could you please attach the sample workflow for this?

Type-Into is not working in any condition, though I managed to highlight the text box using hotkey (tab after opening the window)


Theertha K S

Hi Ram,

Thank you. It worked for me. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot bro :slight_smile:

The selector url made the trick here. By the way, I was not able to find the attribute url in any of the selector, but later hardcoded as you mentioned. It worked :slight_smile:

That’s Great. @theerthaks. Happy to help :slight_smile:

If you don’t find the selectors in such cases you can try as below:

  1. Identify any elements from the popup with UiExplorer.
  2. Select the Chrome.exe application element under Visual Tree. (This will give the selectors for the chrome popup window).
  3. Set as Target Element for this selected element and modify the selectors as per need. (You will see the url attribute by doing this).

Rammohan B.


Hi @Rammohan91,
Superb.Nice trick.


Thanks a lot for this. I too was facing the similar issue. It worked with this solution.

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