In Orchestrator queue, not should pick the items based on reference in an order

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I have scenarios like bot should get the transaction item as per the reference.

Eg : In queue ,items are available with 3 references
ref: abc
ref :cde
Bot should check first abc and should process alla abc items,bcd n nxt cde

Also before taking transaction item, bot should check whether abc is available or not… If available process all abc items in queue…similar for other two.

Please do the needful and thanks in advance…

@Bhanu123 : You can use Get Transaction Item activity by Specifying Reference as “ABC” & after that you can check the Transaction Item if its nothing then in Else you can use Get Transaction Item again with Reference “DEF” & so on … Not much reliable solution but one of the way to achieve the desired outcome

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You can add the queue items with different prority…like abc with high, def with normal and ghi with low…so abc are picked first and then def and then ghi


This would work fine if there are just 3 types of items. If there are more, @avinash_ghanwat1’s solution would be the way to do it.


If its more then adding more conditions is also not efficient…may be we need to pass all the combinations from dispatcher to performer in required order and use a loop to get each in the same order

If its only 3 then rather than checking conditions using priority would be ideal


@efelantti : We could do one more thing by creating String array with all the reference & inside For each we will call Get Transaction Item & If its returns Nothing then we can do continue.

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Yes I tried this method it is working… In future if I get any reference to add or delete… i just need to add or emove that particular reference array… I will work fine… thanks

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