How to work on two open excels

Hello All,

I Am struggling to work on two open excel, Where I have to copy from one to another.

I used a couple of options like

Copy Clipboard
attach the window
direct copy and paste using hotkeys

When I am trying to do these options excel is minimizing and the bot is not able to find the excel

Thank you

Hi Kishore,

Use a data table to copy the data and perform the necessary actions and paste it in different excel.
or use 2 data tables for your operations and then you can use write range and copy the data tables to respective excels

Thank you for your quick reply ,

But the question is I have to work on the open excel and check in after work I am getting that excel from the browser and I cannot save that on local drive .

Thank you

Do you mean to say you are opening both the excels from browser and not downloading.
after opening them in browser you work on them and close.
Is my understanding correct?

yes exactly


So basically here we cannot use any excel activities as we don’t have a saved excel file.
Are you reading it from a BOX ?

Exactly the procedure is

download 1st excel from the browser and do some changes and open the browser again for 2nd excel and download the other excel and paste the data what ever the changes we have made in excel 1 and then save online .


Then you can do this, open the first excel with application scope and do necessary changes. come out of the application scope and copy that excel to a data table and from data table you directly write that excel to next excel file using read range-workbook activity

can you please elaborate ?


The question is None of my excels are saved in local to open in application scope .

Thank you

@harinathreddy.yn Any suggestion.

Thank you

Refer the below work flow and the necessary changes you need in excel one should be edited by you in excel application scope of work (13.3 KB)

I get it when we have excels in our local drive but the thing is I cannot save the excel in local drive I have to work on the excel while it open and and make the changes and then save back to the browser(Sharepoint).


When you use Attach Window you can store the output to a window variable and use the window activities. Do any of the window activities help?

Also, I’m not sure you can use the Excel activities unless you can use the Sharepoint as the filepath. Are you connected to the Sharepoint location? By that I mean does the folder show up in your File Explorer where the Sharepoint files are located? If so, you should be able to use that folder as your filepath to open and save the file with Excel Scope.

yes I am connected to the share point location

1st excel I have to download from the browser and need to make necessary changes and copy the data from excel 1 and then open the other excel from share point on desktop and paste the data copied in excel 1 to excel 2

Thank you

I see. Sounds like you just need to do it like this, assuming you can’t save first file:

Download and Open Excel 1
Attach Window
   Select Range or TypeInto "[d(ctrl)]a[u(ctrl)]" // to select All
   TypeInto "[d(ctrl)]c[u(ctrl)]" // to select All

Excel Scope of Excel 2
    Select Range or TypeInto // to select correct cell
    TypeInto "[d(ctrl)]v[u(ctrl)]" // to select All
    Save file

Although, ideally you would want to use Read Range on Excel 1 instead of Copy, then you can just use Append or Merge Data Table to join them.


ideally I cannot save the second excel to desktop as well I have to work on both excel when they are open and just save to check back in to the folder


in the first excel there is change in the row every time where I have to select the data from .(I am not selecting entire sheet)