Copy from one excel to other

Hi Guys,

I am looking for help in solving copy and paste issue in the excel,


Copy data from excel one
open excel 2 and make some changes
Paste the data from excel 1 to excel 2

Any help is appreciated

Thank you

Hi @Kishore2,
If you know exact cell/range that need to be retrieved from first excel and update in second excel, you can use read range/cell and write range/cell accordingly. You don’t need to open excel.

Please elaborate the issue. Screenshots of want you are looking for will be helpful.

Thank you for your response

1st step

Download the excel from browser and make some changes in the excels and copy data from excel

2nd step

Open share point check out the file and open the file in excel and make some changes and after making some changes paste the data copied in excel 1 (excel needs to be in open condition so I can check them back in I cannot download and save it it in my local drive )

Hope this is clear .let me know if you need any info

Thank you