Sometimes selectors does change on different Machines?

Hi folks,

I have Dev and Prod machines.

My below selector is working fine on Dev Machine. But the same selector is not working on prod machine.

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Order Status’

So I did replace the spaces and ending with wildcards and it is working fine. Below is the updated selector.


So, I am just curious to know that if my understanding is correct or not?

My understanding: Selectors do change on different machines.

I would love to hear such experiences of yours!

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @shreyash_shirbhate

Best Practice is to wildcard the whole title attribute!

Because if the Screen Navigation has been a part of your process it will affect the whole title attribute!


Okay @pravin_calvin,

I agree with you but lets say I have two chrome.exe application are open then when I am doing attached browser at that time how does it will know which browser to take out of two open browsers?

When opening new browser you can create a new browser variable and pass it accordingly to “Attach browser” scopes. This will let you differentiate browsers without using titles.

Hi! @shreyash_shirbhate

When you use attach browser you need to indicate it on screen so the bot will recognize the browser which you indicated by using Attach browser activity


Hi @shreyash_shirbhate

You can make use of UiBrowser property with ‘Browser’ type value.

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.