How to wait until unkown webpage has finished loading

I’m creating a workflow in which I will be automatically clicking on unsubscribe links from mails. I want to minimize the time waiting on the link to load (We’re talking about a volume of 20 mails per run in an environment where robot runtime is scarce), but I won’t have any idea what the page looks like.

Is there a way to use an activity with the WaitForReady.Complete attribute without specifying a specific selector? (or at least one that would be valid for any arbitrary website)

Hi @Wim_Schmitz,

You can use Timeout activity and put value as some max value for e.g. 2 mins or 5 mins.

Timeout is a dynamic wait. It will wait till the page opens and start working as soon as the page appears.

This doesn’t work though, I just want to open the page and close it when it has loaded completely (i.e. Cancel Subscription complete). There is no time out property on the “Open Browser” activity.