How to NOT wait for a browser to be fully loaded

I have a web automation bot that should click on a link on a specific website.

Before the bot clicks the link, it waits till the browser is fully loaded each time.
But in my case, as the link gets visble way before the website is fully loaded, i dont want to wait that long before the link gets clicked. It should be clicked as soon as it appears.

How can I do that?

You can use a delay or try with element exists


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set wait for ready attribute in your click activity to NONE or INTERACTIVE, so it wont wait for the whole page to load

NONE- doesnt wait for page to load
INTERACTIVE- wait for a part of page to load


Thanks a lot. In my case, the waitforready attribute is not available anymore as I use Studio Pro 2021.2.0.-beta44.

Now I just tried it with the get atttribute activity in which I still have the WaitForReady setting.
I gathered the href and combined it with the link so that i can use the go to url activity.

This works in most of the cases. Sometimes akwardly it cant get the href attribute from the link.
Even if the selector is dynamic to match every posssibility and the timeout is set to 10 seconds.

Next I’ll try to set the WaitForReady from None to Interactive. Maybe thats the solution!
I’ll update thsi post and mark the solution whene its tested.

i sometimes also wait for one element to appear e.g. a table then send the ESC key to the browser to stop it from loading further

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Setting the WaitForReady to Interactive has worked. (In my case at the get attribute activity)

Nice hint! Thanks

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