What To Do If Webpage Loads Indefinitely?


If to do Attach Browser action and website doesn’t finish loading completely what is a recommended way to continue actions inside this browser element?

For example if the button or text loaded ok but website doesn’t You will be able to do something with this button or text.

If to set TimeOut it just skips the Attach Browser action after TimeOut. As a selector I state a url parameter to distinguish several tabs with the same url.

Is there something like wait until webpage finish completely (true or false) for Attach Browser action?
And that the browser will be attached or button will be clicked even if the webpage didn’t finish loading.

Thank You for Your help!


I would suggest you to use a “find element” activity or a “element exist” activity and work from there.

save the outcome of these activities inside a boolean variable and use in a “do while” activity.

You should change the WAIT_FOR_READY property (for actions like click, type) from COMPLETE to NONE.


I had a similar question, hence continuing this thread. The Wait For Ready set to NONE, will allow us to start working on the specific element that is loaded while rest of the web page is not. But after that the page may continue unnecessarily loading in the background. Is there a way to stop that? If we complete the activity on our element needed, and issue Close on the application, then we have to open the page again if we need some thing else from it that was loaded successfully earlier.