Wait for Application to load in Citrix

I’m having the bot login to citrix and then launching an application by having it click on the application icon.

Sometimes the application will load within a minute and sometimes it takes longer. Is there a way to tell the bot to wait until the application has completely loaded before moving on to the next step?

I’ve tried element exists, element appear, element vanish, etc and all don’t seem to work unless i’m not configuring those methods correctly. Changing the timeoutMS doesn’t seem to work either. Since it’s unpredictable how long it’ll take for the application to load I don’t want to set a timeout time but rather it just wait until the application is loaded to move on to the next step.

Also having issues within excel file opened through Citrix in recognizing when export processes have finished before moving on to the next step.


Element Exists or On Element Appear activities will work. By default Timeout is 30 seconds and if you want more then you can increase it also.

Hi @peter.lee,
You can try to use On Image Appear activity as well.

@lakshman @Pablito

Is there a way to bypass the timeout so that it just waits completely until the image or element appears.

Sometimes it takes a couple minutes for it to load and sometimes it can take 20 minutes, but even then I don’t want to set a timeout for 20 minutes in case it does take longer than 20 minutes.

Have you tried to test it with WaitForReady attribute?

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