Delay action as long as image exists

I am running a database query and it pops up a window with time elapsed. This can take anywhere between 25 seconds and three minutes. I need to delay moving forward with UiPath until this image is gone. How do I format the delay with image exists or is there a better way?

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You have already found the answer buddy
Yah “when image is gone”
We can use ON IMAGE VANISH activity where we can choose that image and by default will wait till 30 seconds till that image vanished
Once that image vanish it will let the next set of process to kick start

Hope this would help you
Cheers @covcreo

If you are not on citrix and don’t have to rely on images, then you can try using either Element Exists activity
On Element Vanish with Try Catch (to catch the exception if the element doesnt vanish within the max time. 3 minutes in your case)

whichever suits best

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