How to validate?

I have a bot running which fills a form.

Is there any activity which adds a validation column to the input file for the records that have been successfully processed and the records that have failed. Something like Yes/No?

What are the activities which would perform this activity?



You can use write cell activity to set Yes/No in the second column once after processing the items.

Sample: Write Cell Activity, Address = "B2" , Value ="Yes"

Karthik Byggari

Hi @abdul.hakeem.siraj,

In this case using IsMatch activity could be better option here,

So using proper regex pattern in this activity, and output variable will give, a boolean variable that is true if the regular expression finds a match, else false.

Then, using —> bool.Tostring=“true” (Condition) in If activity you can able to write correct findings accordingly (Yes in Then & No in Else) using write cell OR Assign and then write range.