Condition in excel for validation

Dear Masters,

please help

Input file :- i have column name for output and validation (Yes/No)
Output file:- i have output as yes or No for those column.

query :- i need to add one more column in output file (Pass /Fail)
based on the condition mentioned in input file “validation”

  1. if the validation mentioned in input file as “No” but the output is “yes”
    for that particular column… then it is “Pass”
  2. if the validation mentioned as “Yes” but in output it is “No” for that
    particular column… then it is “Fail”
  3. if all the column in is “Yes” in output then it is “Pass”

please assist
Excel.xlsx (11.4 KB)

any Suggestions :face_with_monocle:

please suggest how to use the logic

Hello @Sonia_012

For Input Sheet, you can create a dictionary of [ColumnName:Validation]. Refer InitAllSettings.xaml from ReFramework if needed.

In Output Sheet,

  1. Create a Boolean Flag
  2. Read the Excel as DataTable > Iterate through each row > Check value of each column
    -If Dictionary("YourColumnName").toString.tolower.Equals(“yes”)
    — then Check the value of YourColumnName > If the value is “Y”, flag as True and move ahead > If the vlaue is “N”, flag as False and Break.
    — else do nothing

After the loop, just check the value of Flag, if its true > its Pass.

Hi @Sonia_012

Check Out With this Flow
Main.xaml (6.7 KB)