Activities to be done based on condition


I have filled up a form using excel. If the values that are filled are invalid then an error is shown on the page and if the values are valid then a new page opens up. In case of invalid input, I have to take a screenshot of the error and save it,while in case of valid input, I have to save the data from the new page that opens up How should I implement it using UiPath?


When you say invalid data it means website validate the data and shows some error msg right.(hope error msg is static)
In that case you just can use element/image exist to check if any text next to relative element
it returns the Boolean condition which can be used in IF condition where you can make decision.
If yes then use Take screen Shot activity and Save image activity .
If No then save data from new page(if data in tabular form then use data scraping and export to excel)



Please find attached workflow. (2.2 KB)