How to use write cell/ write rang for multiple cells

Hallo everyone,
I have a Datatable with 4 columns and 10 rows. Each column with it’s 10 rows of data needs to go to a specific column of a Excel sheet.

Like for example:
Datatable column 1 → A
Datatable column 2 → B
Datatable column 3 → C
Datatable column 4 → D

The Row number of these Excel columns depends on whether the ID of the Datatable matches the ID of the row in the sheet. It must pick the right row by itself. The Datarows in the Datatable have ofc all the same ID.
My solution just seems too complicated and I’m not sure if it will work or not. So I’m interested in alternative/better solutions.

My second question would be:If it is possible to use headers of the columns as Cell range instead of the column letters ? Like “ID:Date” instead of “A:D”


Check below for your reference
RPA DataTable: Get Previous Row Column Value, Set to Current Row Column Value - #2 by Latif

You can find other stuff which will do Read Range activity

Hope this may helps you


sorry, this doesn’t help with my problem


As you said you have a Datatable with 4 columns, these you need to write into a excel sheet

You can use Write Range activity and remove the range, give the filepath, Datatable to write, It will write to excel sheet as per the datatable

Is there any issue with this approach let me know


Ok, now I know what you mean, I will try it that way.