Write Range Data tabel

All the data get written into 1 cell, when I try to copy 2 sets of data into 1 excel file, with starting postion A1 and B1.

The data should go in range from A1 to A200 and B1 to B200.
I know this has been posted before, but the solutions on those answars did not work for me.

Hi there @TheDuck,
Would you be able to share your workflow?

If you have a DataTable structured with discrete columns, for example:
Column 1, Column 2
Data 1, Data 2

It should write it as follows (granted ‘Add Headers’ is False):
A1, B1
Data 1, Data 2


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No I cant, it says new users are not allowed to.
May I send it to you in another way?


Hope you are having two datatables, one contains A1 to A200, another one with B1 to B200 data,

Use write range activity twice, set the range value as you need,

Let’s assume datatable is stored in dt1 variable, use this to write one column,
dt1.defaultView.toTable(False,“column name”)

Similar to next datatable

If you get the emails alerts of this post, I guess you can reply to the email by attaching the files.

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