How to use variable from loop in HTTP Request body

Hi! I need to POST some information to my API. I know than i can do it by HTTP Request.
But i have small problem, i can’t use variable in my body.
It looks exactly like this:
“{”“source”" : ““Value””,““source_id”” : ““Value””,““exampleVarialbleKey”” : ““item(“Subject”)””}"
Item is my for each item.
It must be in JSON format.

Hi @Kamil_Cyrek

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Assign item(“Subject”) to a variable

That variable has to pass in your request

Eg: “{”“source”" : ““Value””,““source_id”” : ““Value””,““exampleVarialbleKey”” : +YourVariable+}"

Hope this works


Hi welcome to the community!

this would be something like this:
"{""source"" : ""Value"",""source_id"" : ""Value"","""+exampleVarialbleKey+""" : ""+item("Subject").ToString+""}"

Thanks for answer, but i doesn’t work :confused:
End of expression expected.

"{""source"" : ""Value"",""source_id"" : ""Value"","""+exampleVarialbleKey+""" : """+item("Subject").ToString+"""}"

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Finally!! Thank you very mutch!!
If you have time, can you exmplain, why your code work?

to escape a quote char inside a string we double it, but when we want to append a variable in the middle, we need 3 quotes…

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