How to use Terminal Session

How can I connect this web tool by terminal session?


To use the Terminals activity pack, you’d need to know the destination host and use one of the provider terminals supported by it.


UiPath Internal is the only free/included one, I have not had much luck with it.

Other than that, without the Terminals activity, you would interact with the web terminal applet like any other terminal client like PuTTY (most likely have to use Get Visible Text, Type Into, Regions, etc.)

Thank your help~
How to judge the choice of provider.
I don’t know what kind of information to ask.

Sorry,What dose this sentense mean?
" I have not had much luck with it."

You mean you don’t familiar with it?

The only one I’m familiar with is an old version Reflections, which was about 10 years ago. If you’re interested in them, I’d just look each of them up and see if there a trial.

No, I’ve used it. But with the systems I need to connect day to day… after connecting to them with UiPath Internal, it never goes beyond a blank screen.

No other terminal / telnet client that I have tried has the same issue.

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