Terminal Activity connection Establish

Hi Guys,

I have centos vm. i can able to use the machine via putty. How can i access the machine from uipath terminal session. How to config it. the machine in internal network.

Hi, @SriRam
Please see UiPath.Terminal.Activities package

@Andreia_Ciocanel When i connect the machine using uipath terminal activity

It will shows like this only. no operation can i perform. this is centos machine. even i cant cant see any username


Which terminal provider are you using?

@palindrome UIPATH internal

Hi SriRam.
Terminal Activities are meant to be used for mainframe systems, not Linux OSes. Terminal Session will not work for CentOs

If you connect through SSH, try this one:
https://go.uipath.com/component/connection-to-ssh-server (didn’t use it myself but it should most probably serve)

Or simply automate PuTTY’s UI with regular UI activities.

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