How to use send hotkey to maximize the window

Hi everyone,

I am beginner in uipath.
Now, I am finding solution to maximize the window of a web page.
I currently use click activity to click on maximize icon at top right corner to maximize the window. But it works unstable, sometime it doesn’t work. So I am thinking about using send hotkey to maximize the window. But I don’t know what hot key for this purpose.
Please help me if you have any solution for this problem.

thanks and best regards,
Hoang Anh.

Hey @anhth15

There is an Activity available in UiPath “Maximize Window” which Maximizes the indicated window. You can use that.

Well just for your knowledge you can use following hotkey to Maximize a window

To Maximize a window - Alt+Space+x



Hi @aksh1yadav,

Both solution work for my case.
Thank you so much.

Thanks and best Regards,
Hoang Anh.

Hey Aksh,

For me the maximize activity and other solutions are working perfectly when I run locally. But when I run it through orchestrator it does’t. Any hint would be appreciated.


Hi Tushar,

Can you share the flow you’re having issues with? There should be no reason I can think of that would cause it to be fine locally but not in orchestrator!


Please the screenshot.

Hi Tushar,

You need to move the window activities within the “Attach Browser” activities in order for these to maximise this specific window.