How to maximize IE browser using uipath's maximize window

I’m trying to using maximize window actiivty but input should be passed as ‘Window variable’. I could not get how to pass IE browser variable to maximize window activity. Can some help me to solve this issue ?


Hi @Old_Musical_Hits,

Use “maximize window” activity inside “attach window”.

Vikas Reddy


Hi @Old_Musical_Hits,

step1 :Use Attach window activity and inside the container click on the"Indicate window on screen" and here select your IE/Chrome whole window, which has the output variable as windows type ,give some variable name (X) in the property section.
step2: inside the “do” container use the “Maximize activity” and pass the window variable(X) as the input.
step 3: As browser is dynamic you need to modify the selector by clicking on “attach the live element” from selector editor and click on the browser window.

hope this works for you.


Thanks for the solution… It worked.

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If we originally used the UIPath recorder to create a web sequence… it emits “Attach to Browser” instead of “Attach to Window”. The output variable of “Attach to Browser” is of type “Browser” and cannot be used in the “Maximize” activity.

What now?

Can I just change the variable from type “Browser” to type “Window” to make it work?

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Enclose you container in attach window activity which gives you output variable of type windows
which can be used in maximize windows activity.

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but, that is not showing the window. I tried using show window activity too…

Hi Sravenco,

Below is an example of maximizing IE browser using Open browser, Attach browser and Attach window activities. In Attach window, the output is a Window variable type, which is passed as input in Maximize window activity. But Maximize window activity can work even without the Window variable input, as you can see in the examples.
maximize.xaml (9.1 KB)


Hi All ,

I tried all the solution but no success , in my case there will be no window displayed on the screen , but on the task bar IE will be opened with the correct URL.


Any idea how to maximize from here.
I have checked run window as well in property



Please use Show Window activity before the Maximize Window activity to first show the window and then maximize it. You can do this within Attach Browser activity’s scope.