How to use scroll down option in service now


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I’m trying to automate the service now based reports using UI path . while performing, i got held up with scroll down function in service now.

Basically, service now has 2 different panels in a screen. Left side panel has a list of functions and based on the selection, right side panel will display the details of the selected option. Here the left side panel has scroll down option and i couldn’t able to access the same using UI explorer. Is there any new versions required to use UI explorer? I’m currently using version 2016.2.6274.

Kindly refer the Attach document for more details and help me on the solutions.

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Hi @karthi88698

To scroll down in the left pane(applications pane) in service now, you can use the click activity to click on the All Application button and then use Send Hotkey activity to scroll down by either using page-down or mouse down arrow option in the same.

I have used Kingston version for the same, but I am sure it will be applicable for Helsinki, Istanbul and Jakarta too.
Below is an informative screenshot for your reference.




Thanks for the suggestions Rajat. I have tried the same but still it didnt get there any other way to resolve ?


Hi @karthi88698

May you please elaborate more on what method are you trying and the issue which you are facing regarding the same.

It would be helpful if you can share the workflow too.




under filter navigation, Type: Report or Run. then use click activity



Hi Rajat,

Apologies for the late response.I have complete the task by using the send hot keys but it didn’t work exactly for left side panel. So i have used alternative way to do same.

Thanks for sharing your suggestions.



Thanks Sharath.I have implemented the same logic. it works for me.