Hot keys functionality is not working when its applied in service now

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Kindly help me with the below functionality :

Details :
The requirement is to automate the audit report which is done via service now. I have list of steps to be followed to do the same: browser
2. Type intro "input filter’
3 .
4 …
5. …
8. Send hot keys

once it reached particular page, i want to do page down function . I applied Hot keys logic here .But, send hot keys functionality is not working as expected and surprisingly it worked for me when i applied the same logic with some other web application . Is there any separate settings required for service now? I have one more query in service now but i will share it in another post.

Apologies, since I’m new users , i was restricted to upload the file.

Kindly let me know if i am not clear with the details.

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 Try using an attach browser and then put the hot key function then it would work.


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Hi @karthi88698,

Based on web application selector will change so you need to change.


Thanks for the suggestion Raguvarthan. The fucntionality works in same manner.can you pls suggest me on the next try ?

Thanks for the comments Arivu. Im completely new to UI path . Kindly elaborate more on this and suggest how i can move forward.

You can refer the below link, how to use the activity and functionality


Hi @karthi88698,

After using open browser activity use attach browser activity , there you can give dynamic selector based on the open browser.

better to use any one browser for development.


@karthi88698 sure tell me wat do u need to know

Thanks Raguvarthan. I did a mistake while applying your suggestion on Attach Browser. Hot keys concept working fine now. Now i got struck with scroll down and select item functions. I will give a try again and raise a topic if didnt work it out.