Page down not working with hot key or mouse


Hi All,

I am stuck on an issue. In Service Now, there is a page , I am trying to use hot keys to do page down. However , I am unable to do this. Please help.

Service Now Portal page is not supporting Page down hot key


first please try manually in service now that you are able to do the Page down.

if that works, try doing click the application (have that as active window) first then do the hot key for Page down.

let me know if that works.



Hi rajesh,

I used hot key but it is not working. Have tried with scroll also. Manually I am able to do in ServiceNow.



i am not sure why its not working but i would try different ways to find solution,
like sending key for Ctrl + end
type Into activity to key press Down N times
try click event to the scroll down
if element not detectable i would use click Image activity.



please record it directly and give what ever ur information u wanted to give in the recording then it will automatically scroll down