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Hi Guys, need some help.
I’m creating a Bot that will open an application log-on and click on a report button. Once the report windows opens I click on the app code arrow and scroll down to POD. There does seem to be a scroll option. I tried hotkeys down but that didn’t seem to work. How can I drop down an arrow key and scroll down and pick POD?

Scroll to POD
Please see screenshot

Hi @anthony.abate,

You can use the send hot key -‘down’ with selector (drop down area). It will work. Kindly try that and let me know.

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Ranjith Udayakumar

@anthony.abate, Before using hot key, please activate your application window to foreground which will make sure specific hot key will be applied on target application only.

Okay, let me get this straight. I’m going to send a hotkey to Windows - down. Do I indicate on screen?
See screenshot.

Hi @anthony.abate

Better than hot keys / scroll you can use “Select Item activity” to select any item(POD) from drop down of App Code.


I’m very new to this and learning every day, so please excuse my stupidity. Here’s what I did so far. I’m missing something. See Screenshot.

It’s fine @anthony

Can you share the selector for this select item activity.

Otherwise You can edit selectors and replace the dynamic part of the title by wildcard character *


What do you mean when you say Can you share the selector for this select item activity." My selector string is “POD”

Just an FYI the step before is clicking on the app code drop down. It drops down the box but I need to select POD

You can remove click and use select item activity and click on take informative screenshot and capture the drop down. Then it will automatically show you list of items from drop down then you can select “POD”

The select item must be select tag in html <select>

I got it! Thank you. Once I removed the click the drop down first. I was able to select POD.
Scroll to POD Okay here’s the tricky part. Now that I have POD selected from the drop down I need to change the report date. The date has to change every day Monday - Saturday. Any ideas?

Every day/ daily means do you want current system date or any specific dates ??

Fine Kindly use a assign activity And mention like this Out_week = Convert.ToInt32(DateTime.Now.DayOfWeek) Where Out_week is a variable of type int32 — now use a write line activity and mention like this Out_week.ToString Where we will be getting 0 for Sunday, 1 for Monday,… For more details

C# code:

string myDay = “Tuesday”;
int dayNumber = ((int)Enum.Parse(typeof(DayOfWeek), myDay));

Current system date. But only Monday - Saturday Not Sunday.

use if condition

True do not enter today date
Enter the current system date

Hi @anthony.abate

I think this post can help you.