Is there any difference in the number of retries in Retry Scope and Retry mechanism in RE-FRAMEWORK


Is there any difference in the number of retries in Retry Scope and Retry mechanism in RE-FRAMEWORK

This works for the activities you put in Retry Scope,

this retry the transaction by processing all the steps again.

Not sure, what are you trying to achieve and getting this question. may be you can give more idea about your usecase?


Usually to handle a exception in UiPath we have got three ways

Global exception handler
Try catch block
Retry scope

Where in Retry scope - we got an option to retry N number of times the same set of activities until a condition is met

Like RETRY SCOPE has two block, action and condition block
In condition block we can use element exists or image exists which will give boolean value as output
So untill a TRUE value is reached the set of activities in action will keep on repeated for the N number of times we have mentioned

That’s the main purpose Number of retries

And for this

In REFramework we have got two ways ro handle retry mechanism which is also a way to handle exception when it comes to process level

That is we can either use

  1. Retry option from Queues
    2.our own value we want to have as retry number without queues

So May be you can have a view on this thread for retry mechanism in REFramework

But finally

They are different and the main difference

Number of retries in Retry scope is for a small sequence of activities while retry mechanism in REFramework is for a entire process

Cheers @MariaJosephina

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Hi @Palaniyappan
THanks for the reply. I am clear about both the mechanisms.
But My question here is :
How many times a Retry scope activity will be executed in case Number of retries is 3 ?
(Is it 3? One + 2 Retry)
How many times the code in Process.xaml will be executed in case MaxNumberofRetries mentioned in config.xaml is 3
(Is it 4 ? One + 3 Retry)

Hi @MariaJosephina,

It will be one actual run + no of retries defined.

If retry no is 3 , so will get executed/retried 1+3 times.

Please note that if a condition specified under condition of retry scope is met in first retry itself, no more retries would happen.

Same goes with retry mechanism of Reframework, if tnx failed with system exception, it will be retried. Now if during first retry itself, everything went fine and no system exception occurred, there won’t be any more retries. Control will be moved to next transaction.

Hope this clarifies.



To be very simple in both retry acope and retry mechanism, all set of activities inside them will get executed first atleast once regardless of number of retry times we have mentioned,
Number of retries comes into picture only
—if condition block of retry scope is not met with true value
—any exception comes along any of the activity kept in REFramework which in turn gets retried to the number of times we have mentioned

After the first execution, when it comes to retry scope there are two possibilities when we mention number of retries as 2

  1. If any activity is placed in condition block like image exists or element exists the number of retries will get executed until a Boolean value of true is obtained from the activity kept on condition block

  2. And if there is no activity placed in condition block, the number of retries will get executed to the number we have mentioned

Similarly for Retry mechanism, it’s works as said by @sonaliaggarwal47

Hope this would help you

Cheers @MariaJosephina

Hi @MariaJosephina

Do you have any further queries on this topic

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