Init Framework

Hello guys, I have a problem…
I have one proccess, then when he give a error he dont recovery alone, only stop process.
I would like know how Work the proccess of retry in queue and excption, how I can give auto retry to my proccess.(Where I find and put the number of retrys?)
Exemple: Im run UIDemo.exe and I force a stop and I wanna give auto retry for him.

Have you tried retry scope activity where you can pass the number of retries you want the activity to run if the activity inside it fails @Diego_Pin

Hello, this is the location?

Please search for retry scope activity in the activities pane. you will get the activity . please place the activity which you want to retry if fails inside that retry activity and provide the number of retries to do if it fails in the right side properties pane

Hi Diego,

Am I assuming correctly that you are using the REFramework? If so, the # of retries is configured on your config file, in the constants tab as the “MaxRetryNumber” variable that is passed. Remember this over-rides what you have configured in your workflow. This file will be in your project working directory, under the “Data” folder.

The best way to do error handling will be with the REFramework. I suggest reading through the documentation where it details what needs to be configured and what will retry. It does a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of configuration, and a very solid starting point for exception handling.

REFramework documentation.pdf (507.8 KB)