How to use Queue in ReFrameWork?

I downloaded ReFrameWork from GitHub - UiPath/ReFrameWork: Robotic Enterprise Framework Template and then try to run, but it is show error as picture below.

And then create queue in Orchestrator as picture below.

And then try to run again, it is not show error, but transaction is nothing.
How to make transaction to not nothing?

Have you queued any data in the queue you are getting from?

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Hi @akkapolk,

Please add data (which will be your Transaction Items) to the queue, so that it won’t be empty. If you’re using the REFramework, you might want to add items to the queue before the GetTransaction state.

Hope this helps you!


@nadim.warsi, I have no queue before get transaction. I understand your point by now. Thank you very much.

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@PD2, It’s work for me. Thank you very much.
Note: I tested by add queue in initialize state.

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@akkapolk: Cool, Happy Automating!

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